I have been a creative since I have understand myself as a being. There is a lot of joy and excitement about having someone enjoy something that once belonged only in my brain. My mission is to color the world with the colors in my mind - and if you like my art you are the one contributing to make that dream my reality, so thank you!

In a season of my life where I was trying to find meaning in creating things and honestly just trying to reconnect with happiness I started to add colors and the vibrancy of my home country (Brazil) to the art I was creating.

While I was wearing it out and proud a few people asked where I had got them - at that point something that was created to make me happy became what Banana Pintada is today.

I am very open about my creative life and you can probably get to know a lot about me on social media. I am always grateful and in awe with the support my brand receives. This is something so important to me and it means the world you get to identity and love it with me.

with love, Maira Peralta

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